Comparing Insurance


There are so many ways to compare different types of insurance that it's become a lucrative industry onto itself. You'll find endless amounts of insurance comparison sites give you the latest quotes from a whole range of insurers. But you still have to be discerning. Many of these comparers use unscrupulous methods such as sponsored listings that prompt you to go with one of their advertisers

This is certainly not in your best interest. So we here at insurcomparisontools are here to guide you and make sure you get the most bang for your buck. That doesn't just mean telling you the difference between home insurance and car insurance, although that is important. It goes beyond that. We hope to explain the fine print so you know exactly what you're buying into.

What's more, we also aim to stay at the cutting edge of comparison tools by including details about relevant mobile apps and desktop software you can buy that will do the same job. Because more choice means more empowerment to you. That's what we hope anyway.

Insurance In A Nutshell

Get up to speed with the basics of insurance. There are many different types an the industry is very complex in how it works. The video above tries to give you the basics. Of how everyone shares liability and how cover is given on risk factors and background checked.

There is so much jargon in the insurance sector, that it's very difficult to make sense of it. But eventually, after reading some of the sections on this website, you should be totally clued up. Of course, there are also our forums where other users will gladly help you along.

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